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Co-chairs: JennaV, JK Boogie Campaign Coordinator: atoxicsparkle Our goal is to make detrimental comments about Chestica, Pimp Daddy, and Asslee until Camp Pimpson comes crumblin down. Ultimate goal : To see Chestica have to pack it up, move back to Texas and have to work at Hooters. This is especially poignant since she said on an eppy of Newlyweds that all Hooters girls are skanks and she would never degrade herself like that. Flash forward and she is humping the General Lee in her soft core vid for These Boots Were Made for Walking. Riiiighht.....that was totally relevant. Soooo....if you hate the Pimpsons as much as we do, please join us! P.S>>>> This place is one sided. Camp Pimpson defending, in any way, shape or form will not be tolerated.

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